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Biomedical Discovery & Commercialization

Bachelor-Master Program

BDC Engage Symposium 2023


March 31, 2023: 9:00am-1:00pm

Overview and Agenda

The BDC Program is excited to welcome you to our annual BDC Engage Symposium, taking place on March 31, 2023! The Symposium provides an opportunity for our students to share their work and accomplishments with our community and celebrate the end of the academic year. Each year we showcase the work of our undergraduate and Master of Biomedical and Discovery Commercialization students. Please join us to celebrate the success of our students.

8:30:   Registration

9:00:   Director’s Welcome

9:15:   Keynote Speaker (Virtual): Dr. Richard Gold

Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Policy

“Revitalizing Canadian Drug Discovery Through Open Science Partnerships”

10:30: MBDC Internship Presentations

11:00: Networking and Poster Session

12:00: Fourth Year Thesis Presentations

12:30: Third Year Drug Discovery and Commercialization Pitches

12:40: Closing Remarks

Dr. Richard Gold
Photo Credit: Owen Egan

Keynote Speaker (Virtual): Dr. Richard Gold

“Revitalizing Canadian Drug Discovery Through Open Science Partnerships”

Richard Gold, S.J.D. is a James McGill Professor in Intellectual Property and Innovation at McGill University’s Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences where he is also Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy. He is a leading national and international researcher on intellectual property in the life sciences, publishing in top journals in law, science, business, international relations, and innovation. His article in Research Policy entitled “The fall of the innovation empire and its rise through open science” lays out the importance of open science in overcoming duplication and transaction costs impairing the development of breakthrough innovations, especially in the life sciences.

Gold is and has been an expert on issues of intellectual property and genetics, research collaborations, and access to medicines on projects for the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario, Government of Alberta, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and UNITAID. He advised both the Structural Genomics Consortium and the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital in developing and implementing their open science principles and is a Director of the Virus Interruption Medicines Initiative, a Canadian non-profit building an open science drug discovery ecosystem. Gold will contribute to the development and implementation of an intellectual property policy, open science policy, and identifying novel business models to advance open science innovation.


Master of Biomedical Discovery and commercialization Candidates

Two Master of BDC students will share an overview of their internship experience in the pharmaceutical, therapeutic, biotechnology and consulting sectors, and how the experience has prepared them for the next steps in their career. Please visit the rest of our MBDC Candidates during the Networking and Poster session.

Information Box Group

Fourth Year Thesis presentations

Our fourth year students undertake an intensive two-term research project carried out under the supervision of a member or associate member of the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences. Two of our students will present their results.


Third Year Drug Discovery and Commercialization Pitches

The third-year BDC students have been working in teams to design creative solutions to biomedical problems. Two of the teams will present a four minute pitch. Please visit all of our third year students during the Networking and Poster session.